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It all beegins with nature!


Exclusive honey from a flourishing cultural landscape in Western Telemark


It's my mission to give you the best of what nature can bring. Practicing beekeeping in an incredibly beautiful and flourishing cultural landscape, it is important to think big, but keep the apiary small. I let my bees work together and in balance with both nature and insect life, giving you a unique and local wildflower honey. 

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in alignment with                 
alsborns honning gives you a
unqiue and loacal wildflower honey

in alignment with                 alsborns honning gives you a
unqiue and local wildflower honey


shop infused honey

shop honey

A rural beekeeper and her amazing  


about alsborns honning

"I buy alsborn honey because I can trust the quality, the welfare of the bees, and the taste is delicious."

- ahn

"Alsborns honey comes straight from beekeeper Nina, and tastes wonderful!"

 - Agni 

"It tastes just amazing, in a stunning design!"

- Merete

"It's locally produced and tastes incredibly good."

- Marit

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